office look, weekend vibes: vol 1

March 22, 2019

for years i've been wanting to share my office style and i never got around to it.  i'm talking years.  if you go through my old posts, i'm sure you can find me talking about it here or there.  i've even had people message me throughout the years asking me to share more outfit ideas for the office because the majority of my followers work a 9-5.  and so it's always been in the back of my mind.

i just figured most people online share fun outfits to wear on weekends or nights out and so i should do the same.  but that's absolutely ridiculous.  more times than not, i'm actually dressed in a business casual outfit because i work in an office.  the majority of my closet is work appropriate clothes but i also have some fun, weekend clothes thrown in there.  and so i have this real talent of transforming some of my fun, weekend clothes for the office.  or making my office clothes cute and trendy enough to wear on a night out with my hunny or friends.  better late than never, am i right?

the point of this new series is to inspire you to reuse all of the items in your wardrobe in different ways to really get the most of your closet.  what you'll learn in this series is that basics are your best friend and accessories can really transform your look from office appropriate to happy hour ready in an instant.

in this series, i'll be sharing two different office looks and one weekend vibe using similar items!  first up, an all black look...

for this all black look, i'm restyling a basic black turtleneck and my tan anthropologie trench coat.  (my trench coat is sold out so i linked a similar one below).  all black is such a perfect go to look for any occasion, whether it be for work or play.  for the office look, i'm wearing my black uniqlo dress pants (every lady should have a pair of good black dress pants!) and a chic circle belt.  i also paired the look with black and tan flats and leopard hoop earrings.  the earrings give the office look a pop without being too loud for a professional setting.  to make this look a weekend vibe, i switched out the belt and earrings for a more fun pieces and traded the black pants for black jeans.  i also paired it with grey sneakers to give it more of a casual vibe.  
office look: ||  black turtleneck  ||  black dress pants  ||  circle belt  ||  leopard earrings  ||  flats  ||  coat  ||
weekend vibes: ||  black turtleneck || black jeans  ||  western belt  ||  face earrings  ||  sneakers  ||  coat  ||
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