holding on to summer

September 07, 2016

september is upon us and i am just not ready to let go of the summer!!  i'm actually never ready for the cold.  and here on the north east, it gets cold!  i'm still looking forward to transitioning some of my favorite summer pieces into my wardrobe for the beginning of fall.  like this gorgeous maxi dress from anthropologie.  i love it so, so much!  for the cooler days, i plan on pairing it up with a light jacket and some ankle booties.  i have to hold onto the summer just a little bit longer ;)

there is one thing i'm looking forward to this winter, though!  remember back in this post, i mentioned that junior and i were looking for a not so cold place to visit this winter?  well, we booked los angeles and i literally cannot be more excited!  i'm researching places to go, things to eat, sights to see like it's my job.  any tips you guys have, please share them with me!!

tonight i'm hanging out with my sister and mom to help plan my sisters engagement party that's coming up.  i love planning parties and pouring my heart into every little detail.  let's see how much she lets me contribute!!  i'm so excited for my sister and honestly can't wait to show you her engagement pictures that junior took.  out of this world.  so, so beautiful!

hope you're all having a lovely day!  see you in my next post ;)

||  dress  (only $29.95 on sale!)  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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