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August 30, 2016

hi, lovelies!

i took a little unintentional break from blogging.  i kind of just took a week to myself and it felt so good!

since the last i posted, i've been just celebrating life.  i didn't really plan anything to celebrate my birthday this year and felt like i did so much!  i love when that happens.  it makes me feel so loved and appreciated.  the saturday night before my birthday, junior and i went into the city to see a flamenco performance at a restaurant.  it was so beautiful and amazing.  i also may have had just a little too much sangria ;) but hey, we were celebrating!  then on sunday, my actual birthday, i had a bbq at my moms house with my family.  on monday, i played hookie from work and went to the beach with a friend and her kids.  so much fun!  and sunday, i kept the party going with brunch with my girlfran.

i love birthdays and i just love celebrating everything!!  here are a few pictures from brunch on sunday, where i remembered to bring my camera ;)  by the way, we went to anthony david's in hoboken and it was so delicious!!  it's bring your own, so don't forget your champagne!

^^one from snapchat bc that filter is life!

||  tank top  ||  shorts  ||  vest  ||  shoes  ||  purse (on sale for $8.98 in store) ||

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  1. What a cute brunch outfit! I love those shoes.

    xx Kate


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