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August 19, 2016

hello, hello!

about a week ago, i had posted an insta-story of myself complaining about having to take off my makeup after a photoshoot.  i was sitting at my vanity and i showed my tried and true favorite product to remove my make up daily.  i received a request from a follower to share what's on my vanity.  (please go check out her blog and youtube channel!!  i love how real she is!!  love you boo!)

i was so appreciative of that request because i just literally never thought about sharing my vanity or the products that i use.  i feel like no one cares.  but, if you're like me, then you totally do care.  i love to see what people are using on their skin and what products they have in their collection!!  

so here i am sharing my little space with you guys, what i use and some of my tips ;)

first off, i live in a small one bedroom apartment.  not much space for anything but i somehow managed to fit this vanity in a little corner of my room.  i'm so glad because i honestly spend so much time here!  it's easily my favorite spot in our apartment.  i apply my make up and i remove my make up here every night.  having a cute little corner totally motivates me to want to take the extra time caring for my skin each night.

^^the best way to remove my makeup!  on my second bottle.  i use about 2-3 cotton rounds to remove my make up before taking a shower.  then i jump in the shower and when i get out, i apply the mary kay clear proof cleanser all over my face and exfoliate using a mechanical cleansing brush.

^^my toners.  i use the mary kay clearproof blemish control toner after i cleanse my face in the bathroom at night.  in the morning, i use the pixi glow tonic toner.

^^ what i use to moisturize and prep my face in the morning before applying make up.  i apply mary kay acne serum in my t-zone/problem areas, allow that to dry and then apply the oil free moisturizer.  in the morning i prime my t-zone with the neutrogena shine control primer.  (i don't use the primer at night time)

^^ when i have breakouts, these are my go-to products.  when i'm desperate, i apply the mary kay acne treatment gel, allow that to dry and then put the mario badescu drying lotion right on top.  even my most stubborn pimples will be flat in 2 days!  i keep applying the acne treatment gel (with out the drying lotion) until the scar from the pimple is gone, roughly 2 to 3 more days.  

^^major key!  i don't know about you, but once i'm in my room doing my make up, i do not have time to go to the bathroom to dampen my (dirty!) beauty blender.  i bought a small spray bottle at harmon (for a buck), filled it up with some filtered water, and spray my beauty blender when i'm going to use it to dampen it.  also, these are the setting/facial sprays that i use.  i use the mario badescu spray when i'm feeling dry (usually because i had a ton of break outs and then treated them so it overly dries parts of my skin).  i spray the nyx matte finish spray on my beauty blender.  i noticed it helps my foundation stay matte when i apply it this way versus applying it directly over my face.

^^ my current favorite foundations.  i mix the neutrogena skin clearing and the maybelline matte & poreless and use that as my daily foundation.  the others i use clinique beyond perfecting, loreal infallable and milani conceal and perfect mainly for photo shoots and going out.

and here are a few pictures of me sitting at my vanity last night using my face products after my shower.

^^ unfortunately, i'm not as young as i feel and i'm starting to see some wrinkles so i've been using the ponds anti-wrinkle cream under my eyes.  if you have any under eye cream suggestions for wrinkles, please do share in the comments!

thank you again for the suggestion!!  if you guys have any suggestions on things that you want to see or any questions, please let me know in the comments below.  love you all xoxo

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  1. Nice skincare routine.Liked it.

  2. You have such a cute set up! Wish mine would look like yours. x

    Happy weekend,

  3. Yay! Im so glad you did this post, I love seeing what products other people are loving! I am so interested in trying the glowtonic and the clearproof toner. Im currently using the glycolic toner by mario badescu but im almost out and want to switch it up! I also do the water in the spray bottle on the desk as well because im too lazy to wet my sponge in the sink lol! I am also interested in the neutrogena foundation and the matte and poreless! Also, thank you so much for the shout out, means a lot coming from you! <3 maiioo

    1. thank you for the love, always!! i'm not seeing much of a difference using the glow tonic. i don't feel complete without using a toner, so i use it in the am since think the clearproof is too harsh to use twice a day. let me know if you find a good one!!


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