embracing my imperfections

August 05, 2016

today i'm sharing the other half of the pictures from our waterfall shoot from my previous post!

since i already told you all about these pictures in that post, i figured i would talk about something random in this one!

so obviously i take a lot of pictures.  and i may be biased here, but i think my husband takes amazing pictures!  and not just of me, but of everyone he shoots (don't believe me?  check out his work here).  i notice that when i look at the pictures after a shoot, i can't help but point out my imperfections.

i have really oily, acne prone skin.  i always have a pimple on my face, and usually more than just one.  oh, and my pores are super big!  my skin looks like an orange peel.  i also have tinea versicolor on my arms, which i am so insecure about.  more so than my face, believe it or not!  you can definitely see it very clearly in these pictures.  but even with my imperfect skin, i don't ask him to edit it out.

when junior edits my pictures, he plays around with the colors of the image, enhancing colors that were lost in the image.  usually, he edits the pictures rather quickly because there's not much to change.  if there is a close up of my face, he, very lightly, smooths out the blemish. not to the point that it's nonexistent in the picture, but just so it's not overpowering my face (see this post for proof of "smoothed" out pimples).

for junior to edit my pictures where i look like a porcelain doll would be super unrealistic and i would not be comfortable with that.  even with hating the way my arms look, and constantly having breakouts, i still don't want my imperfections edited out.  i have insecurities and i know my skin isn't perfect but i just embrace them.  because they are me ;)

what are some way that you overcome your insecurities?

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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