embracing growth in 2024

January 11, 2024

2024 – the year i decide to resurrect my blogging journey? who knows! check back in with me on december 31st, and we'll see if i've been consistently blogging throughout the year. if there's one lesson i took away from last year, it's that planning my year in advance is not realistic. i entered last year with high hopes, believing it would finally be my breakthrough year, the year where i'd make something of myself. as it turns out, the opposite happened. 

i found myself spending less and less time creating and sharing my thoughts online than ever before, a hiatus from my social media presence since joining in the early 2000s. growing up in a strict latin household, my identity has always had an online component. as social media expanded, and more platforms were created, i found myself increasingly pushing my own voice into the background, writing and creating less and less. the fear of people actually seeing me grew as I stunted my own growth.

this space has amassed a total of 260,085 all-time readers, a fact that astonishes me. i'm aware that some sites achieve that kind of readership in a month, a week, or even a day.  and considering i launched this blog back in 2015, 260,085 might not seem like a massive number, but truthfully, it's far beyond what i ever anticipated for visitors to my corner of the internet. it's something i should embrace and celebrate, not shy away from. 

growth – that's my mantra for the year. i've sowed numerous seeds throughout my life, and it's about time to let them grow. i need to present myself as i am, where i am – to be disciplined enough to create even when i lack motivation and disciplined enough to rest when it's necessary. last year came with its challenges, uncharted territory for both my husband and me to navigate. i can't predict where the next year will take me, but i'm entering it with a readiness to enjoy the journey and trust in my own guidance. 

tomorrow our seeds will grow. all we need is dedication. Mary J. Blige. “Everything Is Everything.” My Life, Uptown/MCA, 1994.

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