a birthday note

August 21, 2016

today is my twenty seventh birthday.

honestly, i don't feel any different or any more experienced.  i still feel like i'm trying to figure this whole "adult" thing out.  when did i become an adult?  who allowed me to adult?  haha

one thing that has always stayed constant in all my passing years is my love for adventure.  i always wanted to go out and see things.  the day i turned 18 and was allowed to drive, i got in the car and just drove around.  i just wanted to go somewhere i'd never been.  that hasn't changed.

i remember having a folder in my car with mapquest directions printed out of all the different places i wanted to visit.  (pre-gps days, obviously!)  on random weekends, i would pull out my folder, find a location and just drive there. on my own.  sometimes i wouldn't even get out of the car because i was so afraid of something bad happening to me in some random place an hour or two aways from home haha!  but i would still go.  just to be somewhere new.

that fire to explore hasn't died down.  and it makes me so happy to be with someone with the same desire.  or maybe not the same desire, but at least someone that comes along for the ride ;)

i'm looking at these pictures that we took a few days ago and i just smile.  we drove an hour and a half away just to go to a sunflower farm.  just to see it.  to be there.  to experience it.  we had gone to a sunflower farm in puerto rico not even a year ago, and i still wanted to go again.  it's just part of who i am.  and that makes me so happy!

here's to a lifetime of exploring just for the sake of being somewhere new!

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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