blissfulkaos: chasing waterfalls

August 03, 2016

last winter i found this amazing spot online with a waterfall and saved it hoping to make it over there once the weather got warmer.  i love waterfalls (see here) and it's always so hard for me to find any that are within driving distance.

junior and i were planning to shoot something creative and were trying to come up with somewhere to go.  i remembered that i had saved this location and looked for it again.  bingo!  we planned it out and headed over on one friday afternoon.

it took us a little longer than expected to arrive to the park because it was rush hour.  it was only supposed to take about an hour and it ended up taking us two!  once we got there, we saw that it was everything we had hoped it to be!

technically, swimming is not allowed, but everyone there was in the water.  it's funny to because i'm such a nervous and anxious person.  like when i was going into the water, i was shaking so much and junior had to tell me to relax!  but that's just how i am.  i always just power through my fear.  while i was standing there playing in the water, i felt something touch my leg and i brushed it off like it was my imagination.  but, nope.  it was a fish.  a bunch of them actually.  kind of make sense that there would be fish in a natural body of water ;)

i am so in love with these pictures.  junior did such an amazing job capturing the beauty of this place!!  i really cannot wait to go back!!  we did two different looks at this location but i had to break them up into two different posts because there are so many pictures that i love!  i decided to share these bathing suit pictures first!!

||  swimsuit  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Such a gorgeous place and these pictures are stunning! So vibrant and alive, love the color tone in them! Xx


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