weekend recap

August 15, 2016

hello, lovelies!

junior and i had a slow, but busy weekend.  that sounds so weird to say.  he was super, super sick so we tried to rest and relax as much as possible but he had two photo shoots scheduled, one saturday in ringwood and one sunday in brooklyn.  luckily i was able to get him a doctor's appointment saturday morning for some antibiotics but he was still totally off his a-game.  i felt so bad!

while we were in brooklyn yesterday, since he felt a tiny bit better, he took some pictures of me after his shoot.  we even went to juliana's for an early dinner.  that pizza is just so, so good!

just a side note, i tried to do my make up a little bit different, so i put on eye shadow with no winged liner.  i must say, i feel totally naked and not like myself!  lol!!!  i asked junior if he even noticed the difference and he didn't until i told him i didn't have the liner on.  i've been doing winged liner since i started wearing makeup over 10 years ago.  it just feels like part of me!  although, junior thinks that's what makes me look so asian ;)

hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

||  dress  ||  sandals  ||  purse (similar)  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. You look great. Loved the clicks. I feel not myself without Khol on waterline, just not me :) You look pretty either way but I guess we like our signature looks better.

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    1. Thank you! I know, isn't it crazy how different we feel with out a little line!! Lol


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