iBlissfulkaos: a new project

September 19, 2016

hello, loves!

junior launched a new little project on instagram called iBlissfulkaos where he's going to start sharing photographs taken with his new iphone7.  i think it a pretty cool concept especially since the intent is to be able to post in more real time.

i can't wait to see all the beautiful images he creates on that new space.  if you want, you can follow along here: @iBlissfulkaos.  and if you don't already follow his main account @blissfulkaos, i'm not sure what you're waiting for!  he's constantly posting the most beautiful images with such meaningful thoughts (that are all his own, in case you were wondering).  he's a very unique individual and i'm so proud to call him mine!

i truly appreciate all the love and support you guys have been showing us both.  every follow, every click, every like and every comment...they all do not go unnoticed!  it costs you nothing but means the world to me!  so thank you!  i'm not sure what our purpose is in this life but it sure does feel good to be doing something that we both enjoy together and sharing it with all of you.  hopefully at the very least we are inspiring you to do something you enjoy!

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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