new york fashion week

September 15, 2016

hello my lovelies!

i was invited to my very first new york fashion week event this past saturday and it was the most amazing experience!  i loved watching all the different designs coming down the runway.  there were some that were super editorial, where i could see junior using for his fine art work and others that i was like "oh my god!  that outfit is so me!".  so much fun and so grateful for the oppurtunity.  thank you plitz fashion marketing for inviting junior and me!

i wore this amazing dress with these comfortable calvin klein booties.  i knew i wanted to be comfortable because i hear so many girls complain about how their feet hurt after a long day of shows and events.  i was prepared ;)

i'm sharing a lot of pictures in this post!!  there were so many beautiful shots that junior took of some of our favorite designs that i had to share!  i'll link the designers below so you can check them out as well!!

designs by:
|| nadia karimu ||  nathalie descout || aleksandra salo || shaazia adam || christian allana || te amo couture ||

thank you so much for all your love, guys!  it means the world to me!!

||  dress  ||  booties  ||  purse  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. first off im loving your whole look!! so chic. what lipstick are you wearing? -mai

    1. thank you!! i'm wearing nyx liquid suede in color vintage ;)


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