tuesday date night

September 23, 2016

this past tuesday, i left work early to go on a weekday date night with my man ;)  we bought tickets to go see robi draco rosa live in new york and it was amazing.  junior actually introduced me to robi's music back when we first met (9 years ago!) and i've loved it ever since.  he's so deep and romantic with his music.  we even used his song amantes hasta el fin (lovers until the end) as our wedding song.  fun fact, he wrote living la vida loca for ricky martin (along with a bunch of other songs!).  i love robi's deep, sensual version of that song!!

we got into the city fairly quickly which we were expecting to hit a ton of traffic.  we parked the car two blocks away from the venue and went to a local wine bar for some drinks before the show.  we both had a syrah blend wine for the first time, which was so delicious!  thank you to our waiter for suggesting it ;)

the show was so much fun.  we paid for vip tickets which meant we could cut the line.  we had been to a robi concert in the city three years ago so i knew it was a standing concert, "first come/first served" kind of deal.  i'm so  glad we were one of the first ones in and got a good spot right up front!

then of course, i was starving after the show so we stopped at mcdonald's.  i haven't had mcdonald's in such a long time.  i instantly regretted eating that burger.  ugh!  but those fries?  i can have those french fries all day, every day!!!!

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