happy blogiversary to me

November 23, 2016

today marks one year since i launched oh, she's lovely!!!!

ahh!  i'm feeling all types of emotional just typing that out.  i've been reading blogs and actually had a "secret" blog for so long but never felt confident enough to actually start blogging and sharing it with people.  people are always shocked to find out how shy i truly am.  i hide it well, i suppose.

i never imagined that i would actually start my own real blog.  or even be where i am with this blog within a year!  in this past year, i've already worked with four different brands and that is honestly more than i could have even asked for.  so, so amazing!

i really can't even wait to see where this blogging journey takes me.  i feel so honored that you enjoy my content and keep coming back here!  i hope to continue to inspire you all!!  my greatest achievement so far is definitely winning the CR It Girl contest with charlotte russe.  last week i had my welcome moment with my local store.  i had honestly forgotten what questions were asked for the submission form and even how i answered.  while at the store, the manager showed me the printout that had the questions and my responses.

how do you inspire your friends and followers online?
"I live my life candidly.  My husband and I try to explore as much as we can and document it.  Everything we do is an adventure.  It's our lifestyle.  People think you have to be rich to get out and explore but there is just so much beauty out there.  I try to portray that in my instagram posts and blog posts to inspire people.  Life is beautiful, we just have to go out and live it!"

i truly hope that is the message i am sending to you all!  thank you so much for reading and following my lovely little life this past year!

thank you so much, husband for all your encouragement...this past year and since the day i met you.  i've never met a more encouraging and caring person.  thank you for pushing me to always be better. i admire you so, so much!

||  dress  ||  booties  ||  choker  ||
entire outfit c/o charlotte russe

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

*thank you charlotte russe for sponsoring this post.

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  1. This outfit is my favorite!! You're seriously slaying in velvet!! Hair/makeup/shoes...perfection! Happy blogiversary!!

    1. thank you so much my love!! i really appreciate it!!! xoxo

  2. Yesssss!!!! Love!!!! Happy Anniversary Rae!!!
    I completely agree Amparo!!! Love!!!

  3. i am obsesssed with this dress!! i literally purchase a velvet dress the other day cause of your inspo pics on instagram. happy blog anniversary!!

    1. thank you!!!! i'm seriously crushing so hard on velvet lately!! i already have one more velvet look in the works ;)


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