the perfect pair

November 04, 2016

so junior and i just booked a last minute trip to celebrate our anniversary this weekend.  woohooo!  i'm so excited to be getting away.  i'm kind of bummed our last getaway was so long ago (chicago back in july)!

we do have a trip planned for january!  that one is going to be much longer (ten days) so i' super excited about it.  i should start planning one for after that as well ;)  anyone else love travelling/exploring/getaways as much as i do??  i wish i can just travel for a living.  i know my husband would totally be on board with that.

i only have tonight to start planning outfits so i need to get on that.  i like to plan out all my outfits before a getaway.  i hate over packing and if i don't plan, i tend to pack stuff i don't really need.  so that's where you'll find me after work today ;)

speaking of outfits, can we talk about these pants? i've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of culottes since they came back in style.  every pair that i would try on was either too big at the waist or too long.  i used to wear them back in high school (and called them gauchos) and never had an issue finding a pair that fit well. i'm so glad i found these because i am obsessed!!!  they really are the perfect pair!

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

||  pants c/o make me chic  ||  top  ||  choker  ||  heels  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Love those pants!!! Amazing photos!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!

  2. you are making me want to go and buy this pants!!! love the lip color!-mai

    1. i laugh because i feel like i LOVE so many different pieces but i promise i only say i love something when i really do love it! these pants are bomb!!! can't wait to wear them again!


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