montreal style diary vol. 2

November 16, 2016

hello my lovelies!

i'm here with another look from our trip to montreal (see my style diary volume 1 here).  i wore this outfit after a long day of playing tourist with junior.  i'll share all of our touristy pictures on friday (and hopefully have my travel video ready, too!).

on this night, we were so tired since it was so late in the day but didn't want to not go out for dinner.  we ended actually not being that hungry so we decided to just go out for dessert.  within walking distance of our hotel was this amazing cafe called juliette & chocolat.  we both ordered crepes and coffee (which were divine) and just talked about life for hours.  i love moments like that with my husband.  we spend so much time together but its so easy to get wrapped up in life and not take the time to talk about the little things, or the big things.

funny enough, i wanted to wear a lace top to go out, since this was the night of our anniversary.  i wanted to be fancy.  junior said i would get too cold so i opted for this sweater.  he was wrong, lol!  i was sooooo hot!!!  i normally am always so hot.  i'm not sure why i didn't listen to myself, but it was a cute sweater nonetheless ;)

(these pictures were taken right outside our loft in the hotel.  how amazing is the furniture though?  i die!!!)

||  sweater  ||  jeans  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. i am loving those jeans! it is really amazing how a good pair of jeans can transform an outfit!

    1. thank you!! these are definitely my new favorite!!!


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