inspired vol 5: channeling my inner cara loren

January 06, 2017

hello, lovelies!

hope you're all had fabulous first week of the new year!  i sure did.

i've been enjoying sharing little bits of my life over here on this space and the different outfits that i wear.  i get a lot of inspiration from all over...different things that are trending, old trends that i never grew out of, whatever happens to be on sale, finds from thrifting, and of course inspo from online.

i was reading cara loren's blog and saw a post she published last week that reminded me of an outfit i had worn and photographed, but hadn't shared here yet.  and although i didn't buy this outfit because i was inspired by her, it reminded me of how we all get inspiration from each other.  i love sharing my outfits with you all but sometimes it's hard to get the same exact items.  a lot of the time, the items that i do wear i found on a whim at tj maxx or on sale somewhere so it's not even available anymore.  sometimes we already have items in our closets that we don't know how to style and we just need some inspiration on how to put an outfit together.  and sometimes we love something we see so much but can't find the exact item.  just use it as inspiration and find something similar ;)

there's nothing wrong with being inspired by something or someone you admire ;)

*a few other orange pieces i'm loving:
this orange flowy dress for $21.90
this orange bodycon dress for $36.00
this long orange duster coat for $39.90
this orange cold shoulder top for $16.90

||  top via charlotte russe  ||  pants (similar)  ||  shoes (similar)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.
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