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January 23, 2017

hello lovelies!

let's talk hair!  i shared my hair care routine a little while ago (see the post here), and i feel like a lot has changed since my hair has changed.  i wanted to share some tips that i use while traveling along with a super easy tutorial for my every day loose waves.

just like i shared before, i don't wash my hair every day.  while away, i do like to wash it a little bit more frequently, waiting only 2 or 3 days (instead of once a week).  i've been using the usmooth revive cleanse and the revive conditioner lately and i love how silky it leaves my overly processed hair!  i'm loving this company because they infuse their products with sunflower oil and it leaves my hair feeling super moisturized.  i wash my hair at night and allow it to air dry almost 75% of the way.  then i apply a nickle sized amount of the usmooth prime 7-in-1 cream and blow dry it straight right before i go to bed.  since my hair is naturally curly/frizzy, sleeping on it helps flatten and smooth it out.

^^ how my hair looks after sleeping on it
to get my easy waves hairstyle:
  1. warm up your 1 inch usmooth curling iron.
  2. i split your hair in half (from ear to ear) and tie up the top half. 
  3. i split that bottom part in half. 
  4. add a small amount of usmooth prime 7-in-1 cream to both sections of hair.  
  5. grab about an inch of hair and wrap it around the iron away from your face (i don't use the clamp). 
  6. grab the next inch or so of hair and wrap it towards your face.  do this on both sides.
  7. let the top half of your hair loose and repeat the same steps as above.  (for the top part, i work from the back front and make sure the pieces that frame my face are waved away from my face.)
  8. finish off your hair with the usmooth firm strong spray while the hair is still cooling off.
  9. wait about 10 minutes or so before loosening up the waves with your hands.  
and viola!  so simple and should only take about 15 minutes in the morning.

the next day, i just have to put some dry shampoo on the roots to awaken it up a bit.  and the third day, i usually have to blow dry the front pieces straight (my hair curls and frizzes very easily) and add a few waves with the curling iron.

 ^^wrap the hair away from your face
 ^^wrap the hair towards your face

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

**thank you usmooth for sponsoring this post.  while i was sent products to review, all opinions are of course my own. 

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  1. I wish i could style my hair like this, its way to much work i have 3C-4A curly hair and blow drying is a 2 hour process lol. BUT im intrigue because my current hair shampoo/conditioner isnt that great, ps love the shirt!

    1. i do like the shampoo/conditioner!! it definitely makes my hair feel a lot softer and i can use all of the moisture i can get!!


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