vlog: manifesto exhibit in the city

January 11, 2017

this past sunday, junior and i were a bit spontaneous and took a last minute drive into the city to see manifesto featuring cate blanchett.  it was absolutely amazing.  cate's performance was phenomenal!  it's nothing like i've ever seen before.

naomi from love taza actually shared it in her instastory saturday evening and recommended everyone to go see it before it ended.  she actually said that saturday was the last day.  i was so intrigued by what she posted (a video of cate blanchett on screen) that i showed junior.  he was equally as intrigued (avid movie goer's over here) and was bummed that we missed it.  i quickly did a search on my phone and saw that sunday the 8th was, in fact, the last day it was being shown.  we were so excited and planned to go the next day.

when we arrived, we had no idea what to expect.  junior did a quick search in the car on what a manifesto was so we can have a general idea but other than that, we went in blind.

as soon as we walked into the exhibit, we were enthralled.  there were 13 different screens set up and in each of them, cate blanchett played a different character.  each screen had it's own message, but the general gist of all of them was art.  the meaning of art.  it was so moving and humbling.  hands down the best piece of art i have ever seen/experienced.

we talked a little about our initial reactions in the vlog below.   i mainly said it was amazing and you should watch it lol but junior got a little more in depth ;)

and some iphone snapshots of the day too

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  1. I love cate blanchett, hopefully this will make its way to netflix!

    1. she's amazing! i hope it does too! i would love to watch it again. it was incredible! so moving.


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