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March 17, 2017

i've been thinking about being married lately.  sometimes i have an outer body experience and look at my life and think "who's life am i living?".  does that ever happen to you?  i've written about how junior and i met, and all about our enchanted wedding.  but i don't think i've ever written about marriage before.  partly because i don't feel qualified.  technically we're still considered newly weds...some websites say couples are still newly weds if they're only married 3 years, others say 4 years.  either way, i don't feel like a seasoned wife so i don't feel comfortable giving advice.

so my point isn't to really give advice because honestly, what do i know?!  but more so to document this stage of our marriage.  back when i was "secretly" blogging, i wrote a blog post on every single month anniversary of our first year of marriage.  and those are some of my favorite posts to look back on.  i love seeing where my mind was at the time and what i learned about being married for just a few months.  that first year was hard and i laugh thinking back at everything we went through.

anyway, i digress (like always!)  recently junior and i realized that we don't make special dates with each other anymore.  a simple night out for coffee or dinner or even just drinks just to get out and talk.  and being married now for three and a half years, we realized that we talk to each other deeper when we are out of the house.  while we're in the car adventuring, or at a coffee shop having some coffee, or in a new city exploring.  we are good at planning trips every few months to get away and rekindle our marriage but what about those months in between trips?

so we are making a conscious effort to actually go on dates.  i would like to every single week but we'll see what happens.  i think 2 to 3 times a month is a good goal to set for ourselves.  last week we went out for coffee and had some amazing conversations about this stage of our life, my blogging, his photography and who we want to be as a couple.  it was so enlightening and fulfilling. probably one of the reasons i fell for this guy is his passion for life and living it.

tonight we have a date to one of our favorite restaurants and i'm super excited.  i feel like he's my boyfriend again!  and i feel like these dates are different than just going out to eat just because neither of us want to cook that night.  we do that on a weekly basis.  these dates are different.  we go with topics in mind that we want to talk about.  things we have to get off our chest or things we just want to talk about but never make the time to say.  the idea is to just open communication with each other because we've learned that communication is the most important part of our marriage.  we excel as a couple when we are communicating with each other.

so i'll talk to you guys on monday...i've got a hot date tonight ;)  in the mean time, here are some pictures of one of our days in san fransisco.

^^the painted ladies!  
^^the tanner house from full house
^^what's an orellana trip without pizza?
^^mrs. doubtfire's house

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