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March 06, 2017

hello lovelies!

i had a pretty laid back weekend.  it was freezing out so i spent most of it inside just watching different movies.  i saw august: osage county and spotlight.  both were so good and i can't believe i hadn't seen them sooner.

i received these overalls last friday and i just had to wear them out to dinner on sunday.  it was the only time i got dressed and put make up on this whole weekend.

i think i mentioned it before but my skin has broken out so, so, so bad lately.  i bought dermologica brand products to help combat the break outs but feel like its very drying on my skin.  i can't say it's causing new breakouts because i was getting new ones daily anyway.  so i just don't know what to do anymore.   i'm really just over it!  make up has been my bestest friend as of late ;)

i was actually pleasantly surprised with these overalls! there isn't much stretch to them so if you get them, make sure to order them according to the measurements.  i did have to bend down a few times to stretch them out a bit.  i felt super tight in them to begin with but as i wore them, the got more comfortable.  and i'm all about comfort these days!  (and for $21?!  yes, please!!)

||  overalls c/o shein  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. Loveeeee overalls!! I wish they would look this chic on me lol! Btw sorry to hear that the dermalogica products are not helping, i wish i knew of other products that could help :(

    1. thank you!! i'm sure they would look chic on you! actually, the dermologica products are helping. i think i was using them too frequently so my skin was drying out. but now i'm using the wash every other day and the mask twice a week and it's not as drying and helping with the new breakouts. thank you for the recommendation!!!


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