the show must go on

March 03, 2017

happy friday, lovlies!

i feel like this week went by extra fast.  it was a super eventful week with a lot of inspiring talks with beautiful people and some great yoga for a good cause as well.  all in all, super empowering and a reminder that the show will always go on.  we can always make excuses for our life...i'm too tired, i'm too hung over, i'm too cranky, i just don't feel like it...  but at the end of the day, time will pass anyway.

so make it worth it.

invite the friend over on a tuesday just to have beautiful and inspiring conversations over way too much wine.  go to the yoga class while hungover on a wednesday because the message is all about empowering young girls into becoming strong educated women.  and that is something you truly believe in.  and something you want to be a part of.  go out for dinner with your girlfriend on a thursday because it feels like years that you haven't seen each other.  and you know every time you get together you have inspiring conversations and motivate each other to keep on striving for more.

life is as beautiful as you allow it to be.  now just allow it to be and stop making excuses!

||  vest c/o shein   ||  dress   ||  booties   ||

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