a birthday note

August 23, 2017


two days ago i turned 28 years old.  with each passing year i keep thinking  i'm still so young.  i still have so much life to live.  and in so many ways, that is true.  i am still young and i do still have so much life to live.  but there's just something each passing year that just makes me stop dead in my tracks.  how am i 28?!

there's been so much hate and negativity out in the world lately.  and i just feel like life is way too short to be so hateful towards another.  there is just so much love to give!  being positive and spreading as much love as i can makes me truly happy.  things can truly be as simple as putting someone else's feelings before our own.  doing something that will make someone else happy instead of thinking "i don't want to".

my dad always taught me that sometimes in  life we have to do things that we don't want to do.  and this lesson has truly helped in my relationships and i'm so grateful he put so much emphasis on that growing up.  i think his purpose was to prepare me for the real world- getting a job, going to college, and doing adult things.  but it has helped me be selfless in my relationships with others.  which, let's face it, we are constantly interacting with others!

so here's to another beautiful year of life and to spreading love...because i think the world needs it!

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