a day for love

February 14, 2018

happy valentine's day!

a day to celebrate love?  i am here for it!  i absolutely love love and celebrating all types of love!

we are currently in staying in las vegas and are probably out in the desert exploring somewhere.  and since exploring is one of our favorite things to do, i am super excited to be celebrating today doing just that.

i have another scheduled post for friday, so i will be back on monday to start sharing our trip with you.  i can't wait to share all of our adventures with you all!!

in the mean time, here is a small love day roundup! i have been searching for your love for the past week or so and i'm so thankful to you all for sharing your love with me.

love is such a beautiful thing.

mandie and tommy


katie and andy

elise and henry

jenny and ramon

hope you all have a lovely day with the ones you love!

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