searching for your love

February 05, 2018

we are now in february and this is the month of love and friendships!  junior and i plan on spending valentine's day this year at the grand canyon.  i know plans can always change but fingers crossed!!  either way, we'll be in the west coast this year for valentine's day (and our dating anniversary which is february 15), so yay!!!.

in celebration of the day of love and friendships, i am searching for your love!   i thought it would be fun to share all of your love here on my blog on valentine's day!  if you want to be part of my love roundup, please email me a  horizontal picture with someone you love.  it could be a significant other or a family member or even a pet!  send your horizontal picture to me at with your name(s) and a link to your blog or your instagram.

i will feature the first 20 submissions on my blog on valentine's day!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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