heading home

February 18, 2018

i'm currently in the airport typing this post.  we're headed back home after spending 10 days traveling around the west coast.  we had an amazing vacation and i cannot wait to share all our pictures and stories.  although i love lifestyle blogging to document my life, i've never been into journaling.  i've heard of travel journaling and honestly it all makes sense!  there's so much that happens when you're out exploring the world that it's impossible to remember every little detail without writing it down.  i think i need to start travel journaling!

anyway, today i wanted to share this look with you all.  it feels all too appropriate that i had this look planned to share while i was gone, given that it is currently snowing in the east coast.  and just in case you were wondering, no i probably would not wear these shoes in the snow.  but junior thought this location would look good for my outfit and i blindly trusted him.  and guess what, i didn't get any snow on my feet and i think these pics look bomb af ;)

shop similar to my look:

||  sweater c/o charlotte russe  ||  jeans  ||  shoes  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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