a style post + 10 random things

August 08, 2018

1. i'm so exhausted today!  i things it's part pms and part i'm coming down with something. i feel like i can barely keep my eyes open today.
2. i want to start using my hour lunch more productively and bring my laptop with me to work.  i'm planning on working on blog stuff at least one hour every day on my lunch hour. blogging is something i think about constantly and never make the time for which makes no sense.  i'm starting to make serious changes in my life and doing the things that i want to do should be priority!  let's see how this goes!
3. are you guys watching sharp objects on HBO?  we've been watching it every week and i am obsessed!  it's so, so good.  

4. we're also catching up with the last season of shameless.  i love that show! i completely forgot about it and then saw that they are making a season 9!  and i was all like wait a minute?!  i didn't even watch season 8!  what shows are you all watching?  i love getting recommendations!
5. i'm thinking about asking junior to cut my hair for me.  he's done it before but only a trim.  i want a few inches cut like how i had it back in february.  maybe we'll film it ;)

6. my birthday is coming up and this is the first year that i'm feeling like i do not want to do anything at all!  ha!  i've always loved birthdays and celebrations but i'm feeling antisocial lately.  maybe this is pms talking?   
7. junior and i finally ordered a new couch.  i hope we love it.  do you know how long it took us to finally agree on a couch?!  it'll get here next week and i cannot wait.  
8.  junior and i are headed to vermont this weekend with my sister and brother in law.  i'm looking forward to it!  we went a few years back and had such a great time.  there's a little waterfall hike near where we stay and i'm hoping we can make it over there!  i love waterfalls!

9. speaking of vermont, looking forward to eating my weight in fudge and cheese!  ughhhh so delicious!!  (there goes my damn pms again! LOL)
10. i've worn similar outfits to this a few times now.  (see here and here).  i guess green and white is a favorite combo of mine ;)  
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