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August 09, 2018

it's been awhile since my last skin update so i figured i'd come on here and just give you all an update.

since my last post, i have had three dermatologist appointments.  i am still using the same medications, however at this last appointment, he prescribed me clindamycin pledgets to use as needed when my skin feels oily, sweaty, greasy, etc.  since i do wear make up on a pretty much daily basis, i don't really be use the wipes too often.  i do want to make it a point to go at least one day a week with a bare face so i can use the wipes throughout the day.  it's just so hard for me because i always want to look my best at work and i feel my best when i am done up!  ha!  first world problems, i know.  maybe i can designate our dress down fridays to be my no makeup days.  we'll see.

i am still doing the same skin care routine, however i have started using my erno lazslo peel once a week to exfoliate my skin.  i didn't necessarily get clearance from my doc to use this product, but i tried it once and loved how my skin felt. i didn't get any irritation or side affects so i have been using it once a week.  since the peel has vitamin c, it is supposed to help lighten and brighten you skin, and i am happy to report that i have noticed a difference in my hyper pigmentation!  which makes me so, so happy!!  i haven't been using the origins modern friction since using the erno lazlo peel.  and i haven't experimented with any other face masks.

other than that, i have significantly changed my diet, cutting out most carbs and sugars.  i cheat all the time.  so don't think wow, she's so good!  she even changed her diet!  yea, i'm trying.  but i'm human. i try not to be super hard on myself if i cheat and have a piece of cake or some bread.  just the other night, junior was craving kfc so i said ok, no problem.  for lunch that day i ate a ham and cheese "sandwich" but with lettuce instead of bread so i didn't feel so guilty "cheating" for dinner.  and other days, i'll eat good all day!  it's all about moderation for me.

so far i'm super confident wearing no make up and love how my skin looks and feels!  i still get a few breakouts randomly but i have more days without breakouts than i do with any.  my only concern is the hyper pigmentation which i may do glycolic acid peels next month to help with that.  we'll see!  all i can say is that i'm super happy with how my skin looks and i've never in my life felt more confident in my own skin than i do right now!!

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