5 random things: quarantine edition

July 29, 2020

i wrote this post on march 30, 2020 and never got around to publishing it (i do this a lot!).  i've been thinking about this space so much and want to get back into it.  sharing my life and lessons like i have in the past (and not just what i'm wearing because let's be honest with ourselves, that's all i've been sharing).  today, i am publishing this post because this is a time in my life i'd love to look back on and reflect upon! photos taken march 25, 2020 and published here.  

junior and i have been in quarantine for 7 days.  i haven't left my apartment in 7 days!  well, that's not entirely true.  last saturday we left to try and get fresh air with indi.  we had been home for 2.5 days and i already wanted to go on an adventure.  i had seen online that getting fresh air and some sun was ok during this corona virus outbreak but the problem was, everyone else had the same idea.  we drove to a nearby hiking trail and did not get out of the car.  there were people everywhere and none of them adhering to the 6ft social distancing rule.  we found a spot where there was no one around, i took indi out to pee and poop and jumped back into the car to head home.  but other than that 1 hour adventure, we have not left our apartment in 7 days.

i've learned some things these past 7 days while trying to do my part in not spreading the virus (and let's be real, not getting the virus at all) and i figured i would share.

  1. having a space that i love is so important.  this april will be a year that we've lived in this new apartment.  we actually moved here to add indi, our mini australian shepherd fur child, to our family.  if it wasn't for junior, we would probably still be in that teeny tiny dungeon!  our space has 10x more natural sunlight during the day and is a much bigger open space.  i can't imagine being stuck at home in a space that i didn't love.
  2. vibes are everything.  setting the mood for each part of the day helps me so much.  first thing in the morning i fluff the pillows from our family cuddle session the night before.  i open the shades and tidy up.  it sets the tone for the rest of the day. i make the bed.  it doesn't matter what time of day it gets made, it gets made.  once the sun sets, i close the shades, light a candle or two and the warm lights come on.  set the vibe for how you want to feel.
  3. it's ok to leave the dishes overnight.  you guys.  i feel like i'm cooking more than ever before.  if i'm being real, even on a normal night, we leave the dishes and we do them the next day but i've always had guilt doing that.  nowadays, i'm realizing it's 100% ok to leave them for the next day.  
  4. shower every day, at least once.  i'm a two shower a day girl.  but it's so easy to just forget showering altogether.  mornings seem to last until 2pm and then before i know it, it's dinner time.  if i make it a point to shower, i can at least change into different house clothes, and maybe even style my hair.  if i'm feeling extra, i'll do my make up to create content and leave it on the whole day.  it instantly lifts my mood to be ready for the day.
  5. self care is good for the soul.  i'm taking this time at home to be a little extra with myself and it feels so good.  3 hour bath with candles and rose petals?  why not!  a bougie skin care routine?  yes please!  deep conditioning my hair?  finally!  honestly, i need to make more time for myself so i'm definitely taking advantage of the time that i have and am paying extra attention to myself!

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