looking on the bright side

September 21, 2016

hello, my lovelies!

i hope you are having a fabulous week!  i had a "trying" week last week and while talking to my girlfriend about it, her response was "you have the best luck!".  i sat there scratching my head for a moment like "did you not hear all the bad shit that just happened to me all friggin week?"  let me explain!

i had to get my muffler replaced on my car this past tuesday.  my car sounded like a little hoopty driving down the street.  yes, i was one of those!  so i got it replaced and was all happy that my car was quiet again, even if it did just cost me almost $300.  then on thursday, i went to the goodwill on my lunch (because hell yes to thrift shopping!) and was going about my business.  i paid, went to my car, tried to start it and nothing!  my friggin car didn't start!  i didn't freak out, i just tried two more times and then called my husband.  luckily he was home and i was only 10 minutes from where we live.

while i waited for him to come, i went back in to the store, because why the heck not.  i'm not doing anything but standing in the sun so lets just see if i can find any more treasures.  so as i browsed around, i found this gorgeous vase that i remember wanting a few years ago from anthropologie (um, yes.  my favorite store.  that anthropologie!).  and the best part?  it was $1.99!  mine, thankyousomuch!

junior comes, jump starts my car and we drive it to the mechanics.  it turns out the battery was on its last leg of life and just died.  it couldn't even hold a charge.  there goes another $150.  mi corazon!

so now i'm telling my girlfriend about how i just spent $450 in a week for my car, which is not even old and slip in there the good news about my $1.99 vase and she says "you have the best luck!"  and so i think for a moment and realize how i always try to be positive about everything.  i always try to look at the bright side.  i know it's annoying for people to be around.  i know people get annoyed with me.  not everyone wants to be around that happy, positive girl all the time.  i get it.  but it's who i am.  and so it makes sense for my friend to think that i "have the best luck" even though i know i really don't!  i just always try to be so positive and try not to let things get to me.  of course, i'm human and have my moments but i do pride myself in knowing that i'm always trying.

life isn't about what happens to us, but about how we deal with it.

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  1. i love that you're so positive! i need that to rub off on me! -mai

    1. it's not easy but it is so much better than the alternative!

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