inspired vol 6: crown braid

June 05, 2017

i've been trying to find different hair inspo to get out of my usual straight hair or wavy hair routine.  i recently got a new blow dryer and its so good and makes my hair so silky and straight which is amazing but that also makes my hair not last as long as it used to.  remember when i was able to get away with only washing my hair once a week?  yea.  not anymore!  so i've been looking for different ways to look cute with two day old hair because no amount of dry shampoo can help me anymore!

i found this hair tutorial on youtube a little while ago and have been doing my hair this style ever since.  when i first watched the video, i thought i can't do that.  but once i tried, it was so easy!  i got it on the first try and have done it about 3 or 4 times since.  i even did it once in the morning before work, so you know it can't be that hard ;)

do you have any hair styles your loving lately?

||  dress  ||  jacket (similar)  ||  sandals (similar)  ||  sunnies  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. I want to learn how to do this style so baddddd! I suck at doin my hair lol!

    1. girl, if i can do it, you can do it! so perfect for those dirty hair know after you spent the time to straighten your hair and want to wait at least one more day before washing ;)


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