mosaic art

June 27, 2017

i love philly and its appreciation of art!  there's literally art in every single corner that you look.  i love walking around and just taking it all in.  so many beautiful murals and so many beautiful mosaic walls.  it inspires me so much!!

and we can't be in philly without getting some cheesesteaks ;)  ray's on south street is by far our favorite!!  i order a "wiz without" (and then steal one or two of junior's peppers and onions and add it to mine ;)  do you know the etiquette about order cheesesteaks in philly?  supposedly if the line is super long and you take too long placing your order, some spots have been known to send you to the back of the line!  this never happened to me, but here is an article all about how to properly order a cheesesteak so that never happens to you!

||  top c/o newchic  ||  bralette  ||  pants  ||  shoes  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. Your hair coloring is so pretty!! I love that lip color, too!!

  2. Perfect outfit looking so cool in it
    Regards .


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