picnic perfect

June 25, 2017

i am so obsessed with this dress!  i love the fit, the material and the style!  so perfect for these warmer summer days.  i'm thinking i can pair it with some all white sneakers as well.  maybe for a picnic?

speaking of picnics, i haven't gone on a picnic in a long time!  i think it's about time i plan one.  i love picnics.  junior and i even had a picnic themed engagement picture session  (see the pictures here).  and on one of junior's first trips to new jersey, while we were dating long distance, i packed a little picnic and we ate yummy food and snacks at a park and danced under the clear blue sky.  it is one of my favorite memories i have of us!

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winners would be published on July 11, 2017. accounts of all entrants must be public to enter.

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. I Love the back of this dress! It totally looks like it was made for you! super, super cute. I love Shein!

    1. thank you love! i love them too! i've found some of my favorite pieces from shein!! xoxo


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