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May 11, 2018

hi friends!  i'm here with a skin update.  it's been a little over a week that i've gone to the dermatologist and changed my skin care routine and while the improvement is minimal, i'm excited and already feel 1,000% more confident!

the dermatologist confirmed that my acne is hormonal and approved of all of the products i was already using.  since my problem is internal, no amount of topical methods would solely improve the state of my skin.  he was hesitant to suggest medication but i was ready to fight for it had he not suggested it!  he wrote me two prescriptions, one for the topical cream duacgel and one for antibiotics called doxycycline.

the first time i took the doxycycline, i took it in the morning on an empty stomach (as directed).  well, i vomited within 20 minutes!  horrible!!!  i was super, super discouraged and felt like any kind of medication would be too strong for my body.  the instructions say to either take the pill one hour before eating or two hours after eating so i just decided to try taking it at night, two hours after dinner.  and this has been working for me!!

the topical cream is to be applied after cleansing my skin at night.  i am still using my purity cleanser by philosophy since it is gentle on my skin and works well removing my makeup.  once my face is cleansed, i apply the rx duacgel and make sure to rub it in really well all over my face, not just where i have breakouts.  my face is usually a little itchy, tight and tingly while i have the cream on.  i don't mind though because i like when things hurt...i feel like it's actually working ;)

my doc suggested i don't use my moisturizer for now just until we see the progress of my skin, although he did approved of the one i use and told me to save it because i'll be using it again.  i cheated once when i felt like my skin was too dry but for the most part, i've been following his directions.  i am using the mario badescu rose water to give me some hydration and so far so good!

i haven't been using many additional products for the time being just beacuse i don't want to irritate my skin or cause any damage.  once, i used modern friction by origins to remove some of the dead, dry skin on my face.  i was super gentle and didn't have any irritation from that.  and once i used the neutrogena deep clean purifying wash-off clay mask.  i got a few new breakouts (thank you, pms *eyeroll*) and i wanted to try something super gentle on my skin to help dry them out.  of course the new breakouts didn't dry out but i love how gentle the mask was on my skin.  it is the perfect solution for when i need an extra boost in purifying my skin.  i haven't tried the gel masks from the collection yet, (since i don't want to use too many new products) but am really excited to try those out, too!  (thank you neutrogena for sending me these masks!  i swear the timing was so perfect!)

i'm so happy to be on the road to clearer skin and am thrilled you guys are following along.  thanks for letting me get super candid and show you the good, the bad and the ugly.  and believe me, i felt so ugly!  not any more!!!  i'm actually rocking a bare face again today FOR THE SECOND TIME in my life and i feel great.  my girl katie (who legit is my number one supporter!  thanks girl, i appreciate you!!!!) asked me if i was bare face today to get over my insecurities or to let my skin breathe.  i thought about it honestly for a second and replied i think both-to give it a break and bc i thought "why not!"  <-- that right there is a huge indicator on my confidence level and let me tell you, i'm feeling like a million bucks already!

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  1. i am soooo happy your skin is healing! i was prescribed acne medication in high school and every time i took it i would get sick and would vomit. it totally discouraged me and i ended up just using topical treatments for years that did nothing to help so i am so happy you found a solution that allowed you to battle the acne from the inside :)


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