#beyondperfecting my imperfections

May 01, 2018

hi guys!  i've been on a little hiatus from this space.  to be honest, there's a bunch of different reasons i can list but one of them has been my skin.  it's bad.  i mean, really really bad.  well, ok.  i know other people may have it worse and if that's you, i'm sorry.  i feel you.  but not comparing myself to others.  i'm just comparing myself to my skin several months ago... it's bad.  

i have isolated the issue to being an increase of sugar in my diet.  i've had a crazy sweet tooth lately and went to town with all the different sweets, not realizing it's lasting effects on my skin.  i have been on a sugar detox and have been drinking a shit ton of water, but here i am.  with this mess on my face!

i've been debating opening up about my struggle with hormonal acne on this space or on social media in general.  i figured yea, i can share about this.  who cares, everyone has acne.  but then i never did really open up about it.  i've shared on my IG stories here and there but always photos with bad lighting and in black and white so you couldn't really see anything.  it wasn't until my girlfriend, katie suggested that i take a break from wearing makeup to work for a little while, just to let me skin breath that i realized just how insecure i am about my skin!  and that's not right.  

so here i am trying to work through my insecurities, because i'm not perfect.  and i don't want any of you to think i am.  i have insecurities just like the next person.  my skin is flawed, but with my flaws, i'm still beautiful.  

and while today i went to work bare face for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, i wanted to share with you the foundation that is my tried and true when it comes to covering up my blemishes.  because yes, i need to love the skin i'm in.  yes, i need to embrace my insecurities and go bare face when i feel like it.  but at the same time, i love make up.  i love feeling good about myself and i love looking good for myself.  and makeup and nice clothes just does that for me.  

the clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer is my holy grail foundation.  i mean, check out that coverage!  i've been using this foundation for about two years now as my go-to, daily foundation.   so naturally, when they reached out to partner with me, it was perfect fit.  here i'm wearing shade 6.75-sesame and in the summer when i have a tan, my shade is 8- golden neutral.  

do you have any insecurities you're trying to work through?  do you suffer from acne, too?  i actually have a dermatologist appointment today, so wish me luck!   

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photographs by blissfulkaos

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  1. love clinique, this foundation and their gel lotion are amazing. but i did want to say that i use to be the same way for years and little by little i started using less and less liquid foundation and started using concealer and powder foundation and now these days i just use powder foundation (mac studio fix powder). the dermalogica sebum mask, double cleansing at night and not wearing liquid foundation as often has also improved my skin dramatically.


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