patterned pants for the win

May 10, 2018

how cute are these pants?!  patterned pants are super in right now and i am living for it.  i'm sharing a little wishlist at the end of this post for other pants that i've got my eye on.  

we shot these pictures a few weeks back while we were in the city.  i did actually wear this outfit walking around the city (and to my granny's house for dinner afterwards!), but i just had loafers on because #comfort!!  i know a lot of bloggers just shoot a bunch of content in one day and don't actually wear the outfits so i felt the need to say that ;)  i like sharing things that i actually do feel comfortable wearing.  i use social media for inspo all the time and sometimes i'm like but did you actually wear that?  idk, maybe it's just me ;)

anywho!  speaking of getting inspo online, junior and i are leaving for vacation at the end of the month and i've been collecting all of the outfit inspo!  should i share that with you guys?!  maybe do a few outfit posts where i show you my inspo and then show you my take on it?  that sounds like a cool idea!  i might do that (excuse me while i'm thinking outloud...this is how my brain works ;)

junior's friend is getting married in puerto rico so that's where we are headed!  he's the padrino of the wedding and i'm just going to assume that means best man but if i'm being honest, neither of us know what his role is. *lol* we're kinda just going with the flow!  neither of us have ever been to an authentic puerto rican wedding so we don't really know what to expect.  i know weddings in the tri-state area are way different than anywhere else and anytime i google about puerto rican weddings, i get destination wedding information.  not exactly the same thing!  

some pants i've got my eye on:
||  one  ||  two  ||
||  one  ||  two  ||
||  one  ||  two  ||

ps- thank you guys for all the love on my last post!!  i'll share an update on my skin and what i've been doing since my first dermatologist appointment last week!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. love this outfit!! i wish i could pull off pants like that


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