do not disturb

May 25, 2018

happy weekend friends!

i'm so excited today's the last day of work for me for about a week and a half.  it's memorial day weekend and on monday we leave for puerto rico for a week.  yasssss!  don't get me wrong, i love my job but i'm looking forward to not having to think about anything legal for a few days ;)

i'm obsessed with this look and couldn't wait to share it with you guys.  i love dresses and jumpsuits because they are just the easiest to wear.  you can ask anyone that knows me, i have such a hard time choosing outfits for anything.  i never ever know what to wear and throwing on a dress just makes my life a thousand times easier!

ok guys, brb.  i'm on vacation mode...please do not disturb ;)  just kidding.  kinda.  i have some posts scheduled for while i'm gone (look at me being all productive and blogger-ish) but if you catch me on the streets, please do not disturb until further notice.  TYSM

shop my look:
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