day trip to boston

June 01, 2016

husband and i decided to be a bit spontaneous this past weekend and took a short day trip to boston.  when we mapped out the ride, it was only 3 hours and 45 minutes away from us, so we figured without traffic, we can surely cut that down to three and a half hours.

as soon as we got to the city, i put boston common into the gps and figured we could find a place to park for the day and then uber it or walk around town.  we parked in the garage at the boston common, which ended up only costing us $18!!!  totally worth it for us!  

we walked through boston common and came across 37,000 american flags planted in the lawn representing massachsetts' fallen soldiers.  what a site to see!  super moving.  we took a few pictures and spent a little time in the park before we realized we were both starving!  we went on yelp and tried to find places to eat.  we walked around a bit and were getting hangry (you know, hungry and angry) so i quickly thought is there a shake shack in town?  there was!  so i summoned an uber and within 10 minutes we had arrived!  yassssss!!!  give me all the burgers and cheese fries, please ;)  totally not touristy of us but whatever!  we love our shake shack ;)

after we ate, we realized we were on the cutest little street, newbury street.  it reminded us of washington street in hoboken.  with different restaurants, cafes and shops.  we went into a few stores and browsed around.  one of the stores (i forgot to look at the name of the store!) had a bunch of vintage sewing machines on display in the front window.  it was so cool!!  and then we came across restoration hardware that we totally thought was a museum or something.  thank god we realized while we were still outside and didn't try going in and asking where to buy tickets ;)

we then walked over to public garden and people watched a bit.  there were a few one-man-bands playing in the park which was so fun to watch!  those guys are super talented haha!!  then we walked over to acorn street because it seems to be the most picturesque street in town!  i could be wrong but we loved it!  we sat on a stoop and waited for the crowds to clear a bit.  i was a bit fascinated by the homes that lined the street so i went on zillow to see if any were for sale.  and sure enough, two of them were.  for a mere 2 to 4 million, one of those listings could be yours!  LOL!

then we headed back to the car so husband could get his jacket and i decided to change into jeans and sneakers.  it was getting cooler as the day was getting later and we wanted to continue exploring so i figured let me get more comfortable!  although, the sandals i was wearing are the most comfortable sandals ever!  i was more uncomfortable with the dress.  since it was so long in the front, i kept stepping on it.  i'll have to get it hemmed a half inch before wearing it again, for sure!

we rested a bit in the car and then went off to explore some more.  we walked around and went into the prudential center.  what a beautiful mall!  then we wandered upon the fenway victory gardens (on our way to visit fenway park) which were so interesting!  i actually wanted to look it up after we left because i kept saying to junior "what is this place?!"  it's apparently the oldest world war II victory gardens that's still operated today.  it's made up of 500 individual gardens that are tended by a community of members from boston.  super cool and definitely a site to see!  

we walked over to fenway park to see where the red sox play and happened upon an outdoor chris young concert.  neither one of us are country music lovers so we didn't even know what that was.  i googled it right then and there and realized who he was.  i texted my sister because she loves country music.  we decided that we were both tired and started heading back to the car.  we ended up crossing a bridge that had locks all over it (like the one that used to be in paris).  i thought it was so super cute to read all the different locks with the names and dates.

thank you for being good to us, boston!  we loved your old charm!!

||  dress  ||  hat  ||  shoes  ||  jeggings  ||  tank top  ||  jean jacket  ||  sneakers  ||  

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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