our engagement

June 16, 2016

three years ago today junior got down on one knee and said "you've waited long enough.  will you marry me?"  i really can't believe it's been three years since we've gotten engaged.  it's crazy to look back and think about all that's happened (good and bad, because let's be real!).  i thought it would be fun to share some pictures from our engagement photo shoot and tell you guys a little bit about us, how we started and how he asked!

we met while i was vacationing in puerto rico during the summer of 2007.  we quickly became the best of friends and then long distant lovers.   being long distance was super hard.  we did little things to try and spice things up.  we would watch movies together but watching them at the same time, me in new jersey and him in puerto rico.  we would set aside special "dates" which would just be designated times we could facetime or speak on the phone.  it wasn't easy but we did the best we could.

he finally moved to new jersey during the summer of 2011 to join me over on the east coast, the day before i graduated college.  that was a whole other struggle, transitioning from long distance to being together constantly.  it was just something we just weren't used to.  but we somehow made it work.  i must have done something right because after two years of being together, junior proposed to me.

i was down the shore celebrating a friend's birthday.  at the time, junior was working overnight shifts so he didn't come with me since he had work at night.  on my way back home, he had called and told me that he left the coffee pot on and asked me to go to his apartment to turn it off.  when i got there, there were rose petals on the floor leading up to the apartment with pictures taped to the walls.  i opened the door, and there he was on his knee, surrounded by rose petals and candles.  i was so not expecting that!  i just kept saying but aren't you at work?  but the coffee pot?  needless to say, he surprised me good!

i love you way too much, junior abraham <3

photographs from our engagement shoot with denisse benitez

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  1. thank you for sharing your love guys! it inspires


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