the best gift

June 20, 2016

"actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures."

not sure who said that.  that's the greatest treasure from the internet.  some say lewis carroll said it in alice in wonderland but this guy disagrees.  however, i digress ;)

regardless of who said it, i have to agree with the quote.  i am all about a good adventure.  i remember when i started driving, i used to aimlessly drive by myself to random locations just to be somewhere new.  just to explore and go on random adventures.  luckily i met a guy who equally loves the change of scenery just as much (if not more) than i do.  hold the material gifts, please!  give me all the adventures!

a few weekends back, we took a trip to coney island.  it was junior's idea and, of course, i was all for it.  i had never been before and was always so curious!  it was actually a lot different than i had expected, since i'm so used the the jersey shore.  this was less like a jersey beach town and more city-like with a beach ;)  nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves!  the water was way to cold to go into but it was nice walking around the boardwalk, eating nathan's hot dogs and walking along the beach.

||  top  ||  skirt  ||  sunnies  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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