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June 08, 2016

today i wanted to share a little about my hair and answer some reoccuring questions that i get.  when i look at myself in the mirror, i think "in 10 years, i'm going to think back to this time of my life and say 'what was up with those overgrown roots?!'"  ha!

to be honest with you, i absolutely love the overgrown, effortless look of my hair.  i actually went to the salon with a picture of a girl with overgrown roots and said "make me look  like that!"  to each their own, i suppose.  it's not a look that many people would have on themselves, but i love it and i'm totally having fun with my hair!

i've gotten my hair professionally bleached 5 times.  yes, all those memes are correct about still seeing the yellow/brassiness in your hair while your stylist is telling you there is no yellow.  when i went to get a touch up, my stylist suggested it was best to bleach my roots completely and then allow the roots to grow out naturally.  since my hair grows super fast, i didn't mind being completely platinum for a few weeks before roots actually began to show.

it has been eight months since i've last done anything to my hair.  i've allowed my roots to grow out A LOT and i'm really loving how it looks.  totally every hair dresser's nightmare LOL.  although i am torn on what i should to with my hair next because it really is about that time i change my look (and also because husband is politely hinting at it;)  should i add blonde highlights to my roots?  should i go whiter?  should i just go back dark?  i don't know!!!!

as far as caring for my hair, i'm super simple.  i usually wash my hair once a week.  now that the weather is warming up, i find myself washing it once every five days.  i think this helped so much with keeping my hair looking healthy and with a nice ashy tone.  in the shower, i've rotated between using shimmer lights and john frieda sheer blonde color renew.  both purple/toning shampoos worked great for me.  i would first wash my scalp with head and shoulders to cleanse (and because those dark roots plus dandruff = a no-no!) and then wash with a toning shampoo.  then i use a conditioner.  i've tried the shimmer lights and the john frieda conditioners but i like using tresemme.  

after i wash my hair, i brush out all the knots and let it air dry almost fully before starting to blow dry.  the least amount of heat, the better.  when i'm ready to blow dry, i put a dime size amount of coconut oil from the middle to my ends and i'll go ahead and blow dry.  the next morning i curl my hair with a half inch curling iron (using it like a wand).  sometimes i use hairspray and sometimes i don't.  it depends on my mood ;)

and then lastly, i use dry shampoo like its my job!  usually by day 2 i'm using a dry shampoo and i use it every day that my hair is down.  this one is my favorite!!

hope you found this post useful and informative!  it ended up being way longer than i anticipated ;)

dress (vintage)  ||  shoes  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. Oh your hair is lovely ha ha. I too allow my hair to dry almost completely before I blow dry. Loved the post and pictures. You look gorgeous :)

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    1. thank you so much! it's so much easier to let it air dry first than to sit and blow dry it for hours!! ;)

  2. thanks for sharing! ive been obsessing over your hair forever so now i can go check out some of these products! you slay the blonde hair i love it!



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