lost in a familiar place

June 14, 2016

when i was younger, i remember playing in our (what seemed huge to me) backyard in south jersey.  i remember along the left side of the yard we had forsythia bushes with little yellow flowers that formed into like a cave shape.  i would often crawl into the little cave like opening and just sit in there playing with the yellow, banana peel looking flowers.

it's always a wonder to me how we can get lost and explore new places in familiar places.  when i would sit inside the bush, my backyard wasn't my backyard anymore.  it was a new place within a familiar place.

we took these pictures at my best friend, paula's house.  junior has been eyeing her yard for such a long time so one of the last times we went over, he brought his camera and we just explored her yard.  now when i look back at these pictures, i think back to that sweet childhood memory... sitting in those forsythia bushes, escaping into a new adventure, in a familiar place.

||  dress  ||  sandals  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos

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