10 things about me

January 22, 2018

1. i love watching family feud!  i find so many of the people that make it on that show super entertaining!  and the responses!!!  who are they even surveying?!  lmfao watch a few episodes and you'll know exactly what i mean ;)
2. i can live off of pizza and tacos.  everyday, all day.  please and thank you.
3. i've always been very independent.  i hated feeling like i was young and didn't know anything so i always wanted to act older than i was and learn as much as i can about everything that i can.
4. i work full time as a paralegal for a family and real estate attorney.  i've been in this office for 10 years and i am the office manager.  i got my degree in business management and went back for my paralegal certificate.  work is work but i really do enjoy it.  family law is super interesting.  you'd be very surprised with what people actually fight about when getting divorced!  i should write a book!
5. junior and i got married when i was 24.  i don't think that's young at all but a lot of people tell me that's young.  we also had a super short less than 5 month engagement!
6. junior and i go to the movies more often than anyone else i know.  we have movie pass and if you don't already have movie pass, i suggest you get it!  its $10 a month and you can go to the movies once a day, every day!  so worth it for us!
7. i'm way too sensitive for my own good.
8. rae-rae was my nickname in high school.  a teacher gave it to me and it just stuck.  my sister and a few friends from high school still call me rae to this day.  i kind of wish i kept rae!  so much cooler than rali.
9. i played field hockey for 3 years in high school.
10. i'm a super shy and anxious person.  speaking to people freaks me the fuck out!  not sure why.  people are usually shocked when i tell them that because i hide it well.

||  sweater c/o shein  ||  jeans  ||  booties  ||  lippie (shade vintage)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos 

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  1. You are so stunning! I love your outfit and your lip color! Great look overall! Also, I can eat pizza and tacos everyday too. I neverrr get tired of either! :)

  2. Thanks for leaving some love on my blog, you are absolutely gorgeous!! And I love your sweater with the feminine pearl detailing -- SO cute. I've been nervous to try Shein, but maybe now I'll try it!
    XO | easilyinspired-blog.com

  3. Such gorgeous photos and so happy to learn about the woman in them! Tacos are the #1 thing I miss while living in France! They're amaze!


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