happy new year

January 02, 2018

happy new year, loves.  my new year post from last year is still very much relevant today.  i still feel exactly the same way...new year, same me.

i don't believe in new year resolutions.  i believe in year-round goals.  i don't believe in being better in the new year.  i believe in always trying to be the best version of myself.  i don't believe in diets.  i believe in indulging whenever the heck i want but eating healthy as much as i possibly can.

there is always room for improvement in all of our lives and we do not need a new year to start implementing our own personal growth.  the time is now, no matter what time of year it is!

i did a lot of falling and growing and falling and then growing some more in 2017.  i learned the importance of communication within all of my relationships and have been implementing better communication skills with everyone i know.  there was a lot of mental health growth, too.  i spent the better part of the end of 2017 coming to terms with my anxiety and depression and really honing in on it.  taking better care of me so i can be the best me for everyone in my life.  and these aren't things i'm only taking into this new year with me, they are with me for life!

personal growth is such a beautiful thing, but only if we are honest with ourselves.  be honest with yourself about your flaws.  are you a bad listener?  it's human nature to not really listen when people talk and just always be waiting to say something.  be honest with yourself so you can improve that.  be honest with yourself about the people around you.  is there someone that just isn't helping you grow or isn't supporting you?  why keep them in your life.  rid yourself of the negative influences and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.  do you constantly share your goals and things you're going to accomplish but never take any steps to accomplish anything?  be honest with yourself.  stop talking and start doing.

ok, that's enough of me rambling ;)  surround yourself with positivity and just watch as your grow and flourish.

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