in my kitchen: pernil (pulled pork)

January 04, 2018

one of my favorite meals to make when i have company is a typical puerto rican meal, rice and beans, potato salad, green salad and pernil.  everyone that has tried my recipe for pernil has always asked me for my recipe and so today, i am finally sharing it on the blog so you can see exactly what i use and the steps i take to make it.

this dish has to be prepared the night before since the meat has to marinate for as long as possible. the longer the better!  also, this dish takes hours to bake, so make sure you plan accordingly.  i usually stick my porkie in the oven at 6 am and go back to sleep.  i'll wake up after an hour, lower the heat, and then go back to sleep again.  when i wake up, the entire apartment smells like the holidays (since my mom was notorious for making pernil for our family all throughout my childhood).

i originally found a recipe online for puerto rican pernil but over the years have made it my own so i don't have a link to where this recipe was inspired by.  it's a dish that is super common in my culture (on both sides- puerto rican and dominican) and i feel proud to share this recipe with all of you!

if you make this recipe, please tag me on instagram or send me an email to as i would love to see and repost your image!!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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