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January 26, 2018

i've been sharing a lot of my favorite products with you all lately and i truly hope you are enjoying it!  i feel like i have a lot of secrets to share with all the different products that i use and it's about time i start spilling the beans.

i've used loreal on and off my entire life.  i love a lot of their different products and so when i had the opportunity to partner up with them, i jumped right on it!  a girl's gotta support her blog some way or another, am i right?  or am i right?!  and full disclaimer, i am not being paid to write this post!  i get free products all the time and only write blog posts on ones that i truly use and think they're worth sharing.

loreal sent me their new total repair damage erasing balm to test out and i've been using it faithfully for the past month.  my ends are still bleached from when i had platinum blonde hair and this damage erasing balm has really made a huge difference.  my blow drying time has reduced since i don't have as much frizz to combat!

i hope you enjoy this funny little "commercial" that junior and i put together.  i cracked up so hard when watching it for the first time (junior shot and edited the whole thing).  obviously my "damaged hair" in the beginning of the video isn't an accurate depiction of my hair before using this product.  but let's use some imagination ;)

shop the collection:

also, something to note...these pictures are stills from the video since we totally forgot to take pictures! 
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video shot and edited by blissfulkaos  

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