in my kitchen: nissin top ramen

January 15, 2018

is it weird if i tell you guys that i am a millennial who's never tried ramen before?  are you judging me?  no?  good.  because i have just tried my hand at making some ramen and i'm pretty impressed with myself ;)

today i have partnered up with nissin top ramen to bring you this recipe.  when they reached out to me to see if i was interested in finding my #noodlezen by cooking up some ramen and sharing a recipe with all of you, i figured it was the perfect opportunity to try some for the very first time.  and what better brand of ramen than one that has no added MSG.

i'd be lying if i told you it was love at first bite.  next time i'm for sure going to skip the egg.  i thought it was weird to have egg with my dinner but i didn't want to deviate from the recipe that i found on pinterest too much, so i made the egg.  if eggs are your thing, don't skip the egg.  you'll probably love it.  and also, the recipe called for only salt and pepper on the chicken and i thought that was going to be a mistake while i was cooking it.  (hello, latina here.  i'm all about the sazon!)  but, again i didn't want to change the recipe too much.  so next time, i'll for sure season the chicken to my liking.  i was thinking even doing teriyaki chicken next time!

if you compare my recipe and the original, you'll find a few minor changes that i did but all in all, i'd say my first ramen experience was a success!

recipe adapted from here.

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thank you Nissin Top Ramen for sponsoring this post.

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