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May 19, 2016

because the weather on the east coast has been so unpredictable and i've been so super busy, we haven't been able to really create new content together.  we finally feel like we're getting back into the swing of things.  junior wanted to do a shoot at a railroad track and i thought it was the best way to get our creative juices flowing.

when he told me his idea, i knew exactly the perfect outfit to wear.  as you all know by now, i usually buy things when i find them (not necessarily because i need anything new).  so 9 times out of 10, i have brand new outfits just sitting in my closet just waiting to be worn.  i picked up this free people dress up from nordstrom rack.  i actually saw it in the store and thought it was too much to spend for a dress that i didn't really need.  i went back a week or two later and found it again on clearance in my size!  i had to buy it right away.  

and can we just talk about these pictures?!  i mean, these pictures make me feel all the feelings!  i can't help but look at them and think about how crazy life is.  life is full of many ups and downs, happy moments and sad moments, moments that'll take your breath away and moments that will just bring you down.  we have two choices.  we can either get run over by the train that's coming or hop right on and go for the ride.  it's so easy to want to crawl into a ball when life happens, but just think and how much more fulfilling would it be to arrive on the other side, like "here i am, mother fuckers!!!"  ugh, all the feels!!! 

i'm so glad to be back into the swing of things and creating some beautiful images together.  i can't wait to see what new stuff we come up with.  

||  dress  ||  hat  ||  shoes  (similar) ||    

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. You look beautiful! Love your dress!

  2. Wow, absolutely gorgeous images! And that dress is beautiful on you, AND you got in on sale, so double win!

    The Fashion Barbie


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