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April 15, 2018

something about turning 28 last year caused my mind to shift.  i started being more conscience about the food that i'm putting in my body, the amount of water that i'm drinking and even the products that i'm applying on my skin.  i'm not sure if it's that i'm afraid of getting older or if something just clicked and i started taking life a bit more serious...or could it just be that one grey hair that i found earlier this year?  either way, i feel good about the slight changes that i'm making in my life.

one of those small changes being wearing sunscreen.  would you judge me if i told you that before this year, i never took wearing sunscreen seriously?  not even if i was going to be in the sun all day!  yikes...i know.  i'm a little ashamed to even say that outloud because i've know the risks of skin cancer and early aging practically all my life.

so when i was giving the opportunity to work with jan marini skin research, i jumped right on the opportunity.  this invisible, hydrating and weightless sunscreen feels amazing on my skin and smells great.  it's also fast drying and features microscopic particles for additional oil control, which is something that's super important for me when choosing skin care.  your oily skinned girl cannot be wearing oily products, that's for sure.  and the best part, this face protectant has SPF 33, which helps reduce and address damage caused by sun exposure.

next month is skin cancer awareness month and jan marini is hosting a national skin care event called Beauty in Bloom.  locate a beauty in bloom national skin care event and enter for a chance to win weekly prizes.

thank you jan marini for sponsoring this post.

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  1. sameeee!!! i never cared for sunscreen until my facialist notice my birthmark on my face was more discolored than usual. I started researching learned that i should def use sunblock everyday even when it is cloudy so now i keep some right next to my my other daily skincare items.


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