casual vibes and 5 random things

August 24, 2018

1. i just got my birthday/early anniversary gift in the mail AND I’M SO HAPPY!  it’s a gorgeous v shaped band from trabert goldsmiths and i cannot wait to show you guys!  

2. want to know a secret?  if you see me smiling in a picture, i just yelled dick and i’m cracking up because i’m embarrassed ;) best way to get natural, smiling pictures!  you’re welcome.  

3. we finally got a new couch!!  we had ordered one from wayfair and when it arrived, we hated it!  i figured, hey, no big deal…we’ll just return it.  yea, well, $178 later for a pick up fee…  safe to say i was a little annoyed.  my fault for not reading the fine print.  we eventually found a couch that we both liked at ashley’s.  don’t sleep on ashley’s like i did ;)  we went into the showroom, saw a couch we loved, found it cheaper on the ashley's website and asked our rep to price match.  we saved a few bucks doing that so i guess we can call it a wash.

4. as i’m typing this post, i have a rep from verizon in my apartment trying to fix our internet.  we upgraded for faster internet speed and we’ve never had slower service!  that’s how it seems to work, right?  *eye roll*. 

5. i’m celebrating my birthday tomorrow night with friends.  i’m looking forward to it.  i just love celebrations.  i celebrated my birthday so many times already!  ha!!  each year i don’t necessarily plan anything and always end up doing 5 or 6 different things!  

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