wear to work: vol. 1

January 26, 2019

hi friends!  remember me?????

i've been thinking a lot about this space and what i want to do with it.  it has to change.  i need it to change.  i've changed in real life and so i need my online persona to evolve with me, you know what i'm saying?  i've still been sharing a lot over on instagram and instastories.  you can find me over there daily.  

i'm still trying to figure out what this space will become but in the mean time i wanted to share some 9-5, business casual outfit inspiration for you all.  i've gotten a few request over the years to share more of what i wear to work and for literally years i've been "meaning" to get to it.  you know, you feed yourself with excuses and the typical yea, yea...i'll get to it nonsense and never actually get to it?  that.

so i've finally gotten to it!  i did a poll on instastories asking if that was something that my following would be interested in seeing and 99% of the people who responded said yes.  1%...this is not for you!  ;)

i work a 9-5 job as a managing paralegal for a law firm.  i've mentioned it before but most people don't really know that because i don't really talk about it often.  i kind of keep my two lives separate.  my work people don't really know about my online persona, either.  sure they see me receive a bunch of packages weekly.  i'm sure they just assume i have a shopping problem!  ha!

anyways, i digress.  while i take the time to figure out exactly what it is i want to do with this space, i still wanted to check in and  share this new series.  these are three outfits that i've actually worn to work.  most of us have a day job, am i right?  so i figured i could show you how to look cute and trendy while working in an office  ;)  here's to hoping that this new work series inspires some of you.  and hopefully i gain some inspiration, too.  yes i share to give you inspiration but coming up with different looks constantly keeps me creative and also keeps me inspired!

thanks for sticking around and checking in! 

also.  ps.  i chopped my hair off!  

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